DO the FIVE!

HANDS  Wash them often

ELBOW  Cough into it 

FACE  Don’t touch it 

SPACE  Keep safe distance

HOME  Stay if you can

Visit The Smallest Park In The World
At the intersection of SW Naito Parkway and Taylor Street located in the center divide, you will find Mill Ends Park measuring in at a whopping 452 square inches as being the smallest park in the world.

Exercise at Home! 

Now is a great time to bust out those living room exercises! There are a variety of workout plans available for free and most of them don’t require any equipment! Although, if you feel like adding some weight you can use a laundry detergent bottle as a makeshift dumbell. 

Spring is HERE!

Now could not be a more perfect time to get going on some spring cleaning! Cleaning and simplifying spaces like closets, dressers and vanities will feel great and prove that you actually don’t need that sweater that you forgot about six months ago. Remember to donate gently used items when stores open to give back to the community and lessen fast fashion! 

Get outside… while practicing social distancing of course!

Getting outside is very important to our overall mindset during this period of social distancing. Try to spend about 30 minutes a day being outside. Whether this is taking a walk or even drinking your morning coffee on your front porch – both will do the trick! If you happen to see someone walking near you, move to the side, wait till they pass, and give them a wave and smile. Distancing yourself from others while sharing a wave and smile will make you and the other person feel happy! 

Start a new hobby! 

Self quarantine and isolation is the perfect time to learn something new about yourself! Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting to draw but never had the time to do so, well now’s your chance! Just incase drawing isn’t your thing, here is a list of fun hobbies you can do in your home: juggle fruit, play hacky sack with a roll of toilet paper, read a book, take typing lessons online, create a new recipe, or learn how to do a yoga headstand! The possibilities are endless and add some friends on video chat for many laughs!